A local company is expanding globally.

The Bucket Shop, which repairs and improves mining equipment, is starting to expand its business across the globe. Vice President Paul Woodward says the company is working with dealers in places like Africa, Asia and South America. Woodward says they may not be fixing these dealers equipment, but they are shipping tools that they use and teaching them how to use them.

He says this is not only bringing in more revenue, but also more employment opportunities. Woodward adds that having to teach these global partners how to use the equipment gives them the opportunity to hire more people to travel and become teachers.

Woodward says currently he has employees working booths at events in Saskatchewan, working in northern Canada, heading to Africa and travelling to the United States. He says the increased global revenue is nice, but it’s more about spreading the knowledge about the company and making more business connections. He says the mining community is very small and many mining leaders tend to bring you with them when they move from place to place. Woodward says being one of the companies that is being bounced around is good for The Bucket Shop and the Timmins’ economy.