Dentists have conflicting feelings with some aspects of the provincial budget.

The 2018 budget promises to add new dental care programs next summer for those who don’t have other health care coverage. This will cost about $800-million in the program’s first two years and reimburse up to 80 per cent of eligible prescription drugs and dental expenses, up to $400 for singles, $600 for couples and an additional $50 for each child.

President of the Ontario Dental Association Dr. LouAnn Visconti says it’s great that the province is talking about dental care, but there are already programs for low-income families. Visconti says the Healthy Smiles Ontario program helps kids in low-income families receive dental care and education.  She says these programs need funding.

Visconti says the government should be focusing on the programs that are already established.

She says as we get closer to the provincial election this summer, the ODA will be talking with all parties about properly funding oral care programs.