Snow removal is underway this week.

The City of Timmins says night-time operations run between 9:30pm and 7:30am in:

  • Sunday:
    • Mountjoy – Shirley (Riverside to Lafleur), Power, St. Jean, Park
  • Monday:
    •  Timmins North – Ross, Jubilee
  • Tuesday:
    •  Timmins North- Victoria, Brousseau, Westmount
  • Wednesday February:
    •  Timmins North – Toke, Mountjoy North, Maclean

Crews say day-time removal will take place between 7:30am and 4:00pm:

  • Monday:
    • Mountjoy – Gatineau, Timcor, Georgian, Viscount, Laurentian,
    • Timmins South – Cedar (Kirby to Ogden), Spruce (Kirby to Sterling), Dale, Ogden, Moneta (Pine to Mountjoy)
  • Tuesday:
    • Mountjoy – Richard, Christine, Marcel, Chenier, Chantal, Philip, Maurice
    • Timmins North – Burke, Harmony, Howard, Hart (Ross to Patricia), Patricia (Ross to Toke), Leone, Empire, Murdock
  • Wednesday:
    • Timmins North – Maple (Fifth to Ninth), Elm (Fifth to Ninth) Fifth Avenue.
    • Timmins North  – Cherry, Kay, Toke (north of Ross), Patricia (north of Ross), Hart (north of Ross), Dianne
  • Thursday:
    • Mountjoy – Craig, Lillian, Norman, Paul, Louis, Vanier, Lemoyne, MacDuff, School, Leonard
    • Schumacher – Father Costello, Croatia (Battachio to Veterans), Vipond (Farther Costello to Templeton), Grant
  • Friday:
    • Timmins North and South – Church’s
    • Schumacher – Dwyer, Fourth (Vipond to Boundary), Battachio, Aura Lake, Les Hall, Hollinger

The city is reminding you that the overnight winter parking ban is in effect until April 30th.