The LCBO will oversee the legal retail of cannabis once marijuana is legalized in 2018.

The Ontario Government says this is part of its framework to govern the lawful use and retail of marijuana within the province. The province says later this fall, legislation will be introduced that states legalized cannabis will be managed like tobacco and alcohol. The province adds this will ensure a safe and sensible transition to federal legalization.

The framework includes a proposed minimum age of 19 to use, purchase and possess recreational cannabis, about 250 standalone stores being overseen by the LCBO will be opened by 2020 with 80 open by July 1st 2019, and recreational use being prohibited in public places and the workplace.

The provincial government says decisions on pricing and taxation will be made once more details are provided by the federal government. It adds to ensure public awareness, the province will start a public information campaign in partnership with the federal government.