Ontario and Quebec are in the midst of working out a 20 year deal that would see Quebec provide Ontario with power.

The Ontario Energy Association has voiced their displeasure with current talks between the provinces on a proposed 20 year plan to have Quebec provide Ontario with 8 terawatt hours annually starting in 2018. OEA President and CEO Vince Brescia says the discussions being behind closed doors have been disappointing, and the current talks lack a competitive process to involve other possible interested suitors.

Timmins-James Bay MPP Gilles Bisson says building a further connection to Quebec is a step forward, but the current cost issues for citizens will remain unsolved.

Bisson says building an extra connection to Quebec to obtain cheaper power still means Ontario will be oversupplied, so in the end the real issue of overproduction will still remain unsolved. A fully developed draft agreement regarding the 20 year plan will be released by Quebec Hydro and Ontario Hydro in the coming weeks.

(Written By: Nick Birnie)