The Timmins Police Service and Timmins and Area Women in Crisis are teaming up to help people come forward and report sexual assault cases.

This comes after a Globe and Mail report says 30 per cent of sexual assault cases in Timmins are unfounded. Police want to clarify that the term unfounded means that police investigated and no crime took place.

Deputy Police Chief Desmond Walsh says police and the TAWC are creating a committee to reduce the barriers that prevent people from reporting these crimes. Walsh thinks as a society, we have made these barriers worse over time and we need to recognize that. Walsh says the traditional roles that our society has placed women in, is one example of a barrier. He adds that organizations need to come up with a different approach on how to overcome these barriers and ensure victims of sexual assault that come forward, are treated in that new light.

Walsh says other groups such as the hospital, social services agencies and victim services will be asked to join this new committee.

He adds that police are 100 per cent committed to this initiative.