The Progressive Conservative provincial member for Nipissing says the government needs to change how it presents future legislation.  Vic Fedeli was reacting to his visit with a delegation of chambers of commerce from the northeast voicing their concerns at Queen’s Park.  The business people told politicians that MPP’s often pass legislation that works in the south but not in the north.  Fedeli agrees and has a suggestion.   He’s recommending that the north be excluded from future legislation if the proposed law will hurt the north.   This isn’t the case now, and Fedeli has firsthand experience of how not having an exemption clause in place can hurt a municipality.

When he was North Bay mayor, Fedeli says the city tried developing an industrial park only to have the Liberals freeze it with wetlands legislation.   The city had poured millions of dollars into the local project and were forced to suspend it because it sat on a wetland.  Fedeli gets why Toronto needs wetland rules because there’s very little of it left there.  But he says Northern Ontario is either wetland or rock with very little in between.  Having a clause like he’s suggesting would have exempted the north from the wetlands legislation.  Meanwhile, Fedeli also commended the chambers for coming to Queen’s Park and delivering their concerns personally to all three political parties.