The man behind the Sk8te Hollinger rink is back at it again this year, and is looking for some financial support from the city. Ken Pye is lobbying city hall to pay for half of his electrical and construction costs, which will equal out to around $32,000 for both parties. He says the total cost of the rink last winter was $64,700, as it was a much bigger project than anticipated. He says he is asking the city to go 50/50 with him on the cost, saying he doesn’t make any money off of the rink. He says if it keeps up for another five or 10 years, he could be looking a quarter of a million dollars out of his own pocket.

Pye also notes there was no charge for anyone to use the rink, and he wants to keep that up for this winter.

Councillor Noella Rinaldo appeared to be on board with the request, saying the city wouldn’t be able to put on such an event for any cheaper. She also noted all of the detail included into the rink. That includes things like the lights, the warming trailer, the hot chocolate, and the fire pit. She says the rink was always in great shape, people were always using it, and seeing it from the highway personified northern Ontario.

Pye also notes he is also asking the city to greenlight his idea to include a concession stand for this winter. He says it will help to offset some of his own costs.

The city is now going to look into how this may factor into its goal to cut two per cent from this year’s budget, before making any decisions.