Budget talks have officially begun in Timmins. Last night saw the first budget meeting, in which city councillors brought forward their wish list of items to be included in next year’s budget. Everything from the Hollinger Grandstands to replacing the bridge at Bruce Avenue were discussed last night.

Councillor Rick Dubeau was the only one to request slashing the budget. He is looking for a two per cent cut, which he says is more than attainable. That two per cent equals out to $1.5 million.

Dubeau says he will now be looking at every aspect of the budget going forward. Dubeau says the city has now seen the results of the Fraser Institute study, combined with the fact that the mill rate is higher than other northern municipalities. He says its time the city starts trimming down the fat.

Four councillors, including Dubeau, voted in favour of that idea, so it’s now on city staff to look at ways to cut that two per cent from the budget. Councillors Walter Wawrzaszek, Mike Doody, and Joe Campbell backed Dubeau, while Councillors Noella Rinaldo and Andre Grezla, along with Mayor Steve Black, did not support the pitch.

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