Councillor Rick Dubeau is continuing his crusade to get the city to take another look at this summer’s eight day music and fireworks festival. He says there are some issues council wasn’t able to touch on, because the vote was passed through in a single meeting. For example, he says it’s been brought to his attention by a taxpayer that the festival will divide the city’s population. He says those who can afford to get in will be close to the fireworks, while those who can’t will be on the other side of the fence looking in.

Dubeau is now appealing to the rest of council to take another look at the issue. He says this is the perfect example of why issues shouldn’t be voted on in the same night they are first discussed. He says they can’t think of everything at once, and it can get too emotional. Dubeau admits he differs with the majority of council a lot, but says no councillors want to see a segregated event. He says Canada Day should be an all inclusive event, that the entire city can take part in.

In order for the issue to come back for another discussion and vote, a councillor who voted in favour of the festival will have to put it back on the agenda. Dubeau says they can ask for a special meeting to have the resolution voted on.

This summer’s eight day event will start on June 24th, which is St. Jean Baptiste Day, and run until Canada Day on July 1st. It’s costing the city $3.5 million to put on, and is expected to break even if 15,000 tickets are sold.

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