Residents of Gogama and the Mattagami First Nation are hitting the pavement on Monday to protest the clean up efforts of last year’s oil spill. Those unhappy with the progress will be taking to Highway 144, between Timmins and Sudbury, to try and spark more action. Last year’s spill happened when a CN train derailed, and a million litres of oil was dumped into the water.

Nickel Belt MPP France Gelinas, who has been an advocate for this issue, is once again looking towards the province to take action. She says this protest is happening because residents have reached the tipping point. She says, not for the first time, the government should be ordering CN to better their clean up efforts. Since the ice melted this spring, Gelinas says she has asked the government dozens of times to help. But, she says they won’t and she doesn’t get why. She says it won’t cost anything to tell CN to do more for the community.

The Minister of Transportation, Steven Del Duca, says the province is paying close attention to the situation in Gogama. He says he has personally spoken with his federal counterpart about the importance of making sure rail safety is a priority. He says the province will continue to work with the residents in the area, and with CN, to make sure they get it right.

Monday’s protest is starting at 11:00am by Old Gogama Road on Highway 144, and everyone is welcome to join.

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