After weeks of debating the Connecting Link cost versus the length of work, the correct information is now on the official record. City council had to re-vote on the issue during this week’s meeting, to ensure the record reflected the 1.4-kilometre scope of work. This comes on request from Councillors Pat Bamford and Joe Campbell.

Councillor Rick Dubeau, who has also been an advocate for this issue, says this was brought back to the council table because the original vote was illegal. He says the fact that it was brought back for a re-vote is a clear indication that the original by-law voted on said 2.2 kilometres of work would be done. He says it was only changed to 1.4 km after the vote, which he says is not legal and that’s why it’s being brought back.

All of council voted in favour to pass the bylaw, except for Dubeau who voted against it. It is now on the official record that the first phase will see 1.4 kilometres of Highway 101 reconstructed at a cost of over $4.8 million.

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