INEOS Calabrian is updating Timmins on its progress to open a liquid sulphur dioxide plant in the city. The project is on-time with construction and on-budget. The plant is going to create around 20 jobs in the city, and is the first of its kind for Timmins.

CEO of Calabrian, Randy Owens, says the plant will be producing So2 in an environmentally friendly way. He says the old way of producing liquid sulphur meant burning it in the air. That would create harmful gases, like nitrogen, which would be released into the environment. But, Owens says their way means bringing in molten elemental sulphur, which is then reacted with pure oxygen. He says that means virtually nothing is produced that would have to be released into the air.

Liquid sulphur dioxide is used in the mining industry. Cyanide is used to separate gold from ore, and then So2 is used to destroy the cyanide. That means the water can go back into the environment. Owens says rigorous safety training is involved with the opening of the plant, to ensure employees are properly educated on the process.

Owens says this plant is good news for the local economy in Timmins. He says about 75 construction jobs were created to get it up and running, and they have hired about 80 per cent of their 20-person staff for the long term. He says that means steady jobs in processing, electrical, and instrumentation are being created. Owens calls those high paying jobs, and says they plan on growing the plant which will add more jobs in the future.

The Calabrian plant is expected to open by the end of this year.