The next steps for the aquatic centre are underway, getting the city one step closer to knowing if this project will actually happen. The approved geotechnical work will look at the soil and ground conditions for both the Highway 655 site, and the current Archie Dillon location. The cost is just over $86,000.

Mayor Steve Black says this is an important step for the project, as it will determine if the ground can actually support the building. However, he also points out it’s not yet committing the city to the project. He says this is all work that needs to be done to set it up, so the city knows where and what can be built. Black says the bottom line of whether or not the centre will be built comes down to securing funding.

Black outlined his plan for the funding at an August council meeting, where local fundraising and corporate sponsorship’s play a big role. He says that means it will come down to the public’s support if the project goes through or not. He also notes the city has an application into the province for some funding.

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