Updates on the oil spill clean-up in Gogama are continuing to come out, with conflicting opinions over the state of the ecosystem. This comes after a CN train derailment dumped a million litres of oil into the water about a year and a half ago.

Nickel Belt MP Marc Serre says he understands why residents are worried about the fish and the drinking water. But, he claims the water is safe to drink. All of the lab results have been released, and Serre says no problems were detected. He also notes the testing follows the same guidelines the provincial government uses to test water supplies across Ontario.

Serre also says the fish is now safe to eat and future studies will be carried out to ensure the spill hasn’t had long term effects on the fish.

This update comes after France Gelinas, the MPP for Nickel Belt, pushed the provincial government to order CN to better their clean up efforts.

(With files from: Rocco Frangione)

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