Timmins city councillor Rick Dubeau is looking to clarify the complicated Connecting Link issue. He says although there are problems with how the resolution was voted on, it comes down to the work itself.

The city has approved a thickness of 225-millimetres of asphalt to be laid down, when the MTO’s standard is 140-millimetres. That includes the asphalt on Highway 11. Dubeau says this is driving up the cost of the road, and it’s not something the city can afford. Both the city’s engineer and the consultant for the job say going above the standard means the highway will last 30 years, instead of 20. Dubeau says that’s fine, but it’s like saying “I can afford a 25-year roof on my house, but I want a lifetime roof”. He says it’s fine to say you want something, but it comes down to if you can afford it.

Dubeau says our highways is getting 40 per cent more asphalt than Highway 11, which has more traffic on it. He also notes he’s not buying the argument that it’s the ore trucks requiring more asphalt. He says there are multiple transport trucks on Highway 11 every day, as it turns into the Trans Canada Highway. He says they may be lighter than the ore trucks, but there are more of them.

Dubeau also goes back to the original meeting where the work was approved. He maintains his belief that it was an illegal resolution council voted on, saying they were voting on one that noted 2.2 km of work was going to get done. He says the Mayor and the City Clerk then signed a resolution that said 1.4 km after that vote. Which, he says, in his eyes is illegal.

Dubeau says this issue is not going away, and he is going to be pushing for some changes around the council table. He says he wants the meetings to run properly, in a legal and a respectful manner. He says there are rules laid out in the Municipal Act that need to be followed, as well as city rules for the meetings.

Dubeau says he’s not sure what that means going forward, as he is still looking into the issue. However, it is noted that a “follow up on the Connecting Link” is expected to be on this Monday’s council agenda.

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