Around $2-million is being invested into the farming industry in the Cochrane-Temiskaming area. The funding, which is from the NOHFC ,will help farmers clear land and install tile drainage. MP for the area, John Vanthof, says this money can go to a wide variety of farmers, as any farmer is eligible to receive up to $500 per acre to help clear land and install tile drainage. That’s as long as they are inspected and approved.

Vanthof says that tile drainage has a huge impact on local farms in Northeastern Ontario and installing it could help double the productivity. He says the funding is especially crucial for this part of the province, as the one thing that has held the industry back is lack of drainage, because the soil is clay based. He says that makes a huge difference on the productivity of farms.

Vanthof says this program is one of the most beneficial to Northerners as a whole. He says it will directly impact the bottom line of farmers, which will impact the bottom line of many families whose jobs come from agriculture.

(With files from: Rudy Kadlec)