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Black expects the rural road issue to come back to council with others looking for winter maintenance

Mayor Steve Black says he is expecting residents who live on rural roads to come to city council asking for winter maintenance on their street. This comment comes on the heels of a council decision to plow two cottage roads, which have a total of six homes on them.

Many councillors were hesitant to vote yes on the plowing, saying others will expect the same thing, which will be hard on the city’s already tight budget. But, Black says that’s exactly what he think will happen, as he has already gotten a few calls and emails from residents who were waiting to see which direction council would vote.

Black says the move was one he voted against, as the road didn’t fit the policy already in place. He says the roads the city already maintains in the same area are significantly wider with plow turnarounds already established. Black also points out there are many break-off roads from those streets, that don’t have winter maintenance.

Black says council pushed aside the rural road policy to vote yes on these two specific roads.

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