A new industry to northern Ontario is one step closer to setting up shop in Timmins. Investors from China were in town this week to talk about formalizing an agreement to set up an insulation manufacturing plant. Mayor Steve Black says they make it from rock, and then convert it into insulation. He says that product is sold across North America right now, but it is shipped from China. He says they want to set up somewhere in the country to have the “Made in Canada” stamp on the product.

Black says this deal was sparked almost a year ago during his trip to China. He says he is hopeful the agreement will be signed within the next six weeks. Timmins city council and lawyers will then look over at the deal before it goes any further. If all goes smoothly, the company is likely to set up shop at the industrial rail park.

Black says the manufacturing plant will create quality jobs in the city, within an industry that we haven’t had in northern Ontario. He calls the deal great news for Timmins.