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Four way stop sign to be installed at Cameron and Wilson

The city is taking some steps to improve safety at one of the most dangerous intersections in Timmins. Council approved a four-way stop sign at Cameron and Wilson this week. That was done without an updated report on traffic implications. However, as Councillor Andrew Marks says, they are going to give it a shot.

He says council has tried different things, and the ultimate solution hasn’t crossed their path yet. Marks says he can see issues happening at the four-way stop, when the light is red on Wilson. He says when it’s red and traffic is heavy, you can see the backlog that can happen which could shut down the stop sign.

Mayor Steve Black says he did consider syncing a traffic light with the other lights in the area. However, he points out the stop sign is a much cheaper option for a first attempt. Council will then look at how it works and go from there.

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