Public safety is the number one priority for the James Bay OPP and it’s advocating for better safety practices for motorcycle riders. Staff Sergeant Baldassare Nuccio says experience factors greatly into a rider’s safety. He says they recommend to get professional rider training, to get tips from the pros about how to stay safe.

Nuccio also says a unique issue in the north is the wildlife. He says it’s one of the biggest trends they see, especially on the two-lane highways without medians.

Nuccio says the OPP does what it can to make sure riders are educated, informed and always applying common sense on the road. The OPP says province-wide over 50 per cent of collisions were found to be the result of other drivers on the road.

Nuccio says cooperative driving is the key to staying safe and enjoying the ride.

(With files from: Greg Rosser)