Mayor Steve Black is asking some tough questions of the Ontario Energy Board, none of which are being answered. Black grilled representatives from the OEB last night over a rebate program for low income families, who can apply for a break on their electricity bill.

Black wanted to know how that rebate program is being paid, who is paying for it, and what it will cost costumers. None of those questions were answered, with the representatives only saying they would bring more information to an open house today. Black says it’s a great program, but if it’s being paid for by other rate payers, industries end up being taxed. He says that will just hurt the natural resource sector in northern Ontario, where the cost of doing business is already high.

The only answers the OEB would give is that more information will be available during a public open house today. That’s at the Mac, from 10:00am until 4:00pm. Following that, there will be a community presentation from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. Information on how to apply for OESP credits will be available during the drop-in session.

Audio of Black speaking to the OEB representatives:

“The OESP Program: Who pays for the subsidy?”


“Something is wrong in our province”


“OEB Response”

The rebate amounts available for residents to apply for.

The rebate amounts available for residents to apply for.