Timmins city council is discussing the benefits of combining postal and banking services. The pitch came up during Monday night’s meeting, as the Canadian Union of Postal Workers is asking for support. Councillor Pat Bamford says combining postal and banking services will guarantee support for the post offices, as some smaller communities have the threat of losing the service. He says banking will be able to perpetuate the valuable postal service in Canada. He says the idea that we should be privatizing postal service is not a good thing, as it means only large cities will get the service.

Bamford says supporting the motion would be a win-win for everyone, and adds he is hopeful the federal government is open to the idea. Some of the services provided by postal banking offices are savings and checking accounts, insurance, foreign currency, and bank machines.

For more information on supporting postal banking services, click here. Council is going to be voting on their support for this resolution at a later meeting.