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Wynne Liberals still taking heat over the Ring of Fire

The Wynne Liberals continue to get heat from the Tories over the lack of development at the Ring of Fire. Norm Miller, the Tories’ critic for mines says there’s a lack of urgency to develop the multi-billion dollar deposit. Miller says the Liberals simply keep re-announcing a $1 billion commitment for the site which isn’t enough. He says it wouldn’t be so disappointing except for the fact that not a single dollar has been used to advance the project.

However mines minister Michael Gravelle says Miller is wrong. He says they have positive development moving forward when it comes to the regional framework agreement. He says they have plans for infrastructure development, revenue sharing, and socio-economic support.

Miller shot back saying the Liberals can keep talking about the chromite discovery, but talk won’t develop the site.

(With files from: Rocco Frangione)

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