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Inappropriate Thursday comedy show will be a surprise to all!

Comedian Larry Smith is celebrating his 25th anniversary in the business this weekend and he promises his show will be spontaneous.

He says he doesn’t plan his shows but instead relies on ‘improv’ and ad-libbing. He only knows what his opening line is and then goes off audience reaction and takes it from there.

After about 18 years in the business he said to himself “if you can’t go on stage and just fudge around and have a good time by now you need to look at another line of work.”

And his confidence seems to shine through. He equates his performances to jazz musicians who ‘riff.’ He says he just gets up and ‘riffs;’ some stuff he’s done before, some is new, and some he thought of the week before.

He will be headlining the Inappropriate Thursday show at the Vic this week as part of Timmins’ first ever comedy festival.

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