Today is the 10th anniversary of a fire in Kashechewan which killed two people. It happened at a makeshift police station. The blaze broke out and two men were locked in a jail cell with no way to get out. The station didn’t have a sprinkler system, a fire extinguisher, or a smoke alarm.

Timmins-James Bay MP Charlie Angus says it’s 10 years later and lessons still need to be learned from this tragedy. He says 86 recommendations were made by the coroner, and many of them haven’t been met yet. He says the issues of policing and fire protection in First Nations has to be addressed, and no community should have to worry about a lack of basic fire or police protection.

Angus says we owe it to the families of the two men who died, Ricardo Wesley and Jamie Goodwin, to honour their memory by making sure this kind of tragedy never happens again.