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Releasing the full core service review is a “bad idea” according to the auditor

It looks like parts of the $100,000 core service review are going to stay confidential, at least for now. Timmins council had a lengthy discussion last night about releasing the report, which outlines opportunities for the city to save money.

Auditor Oscar Poloni says releasing the report is a bad idea because the city will compromise their position. He says council needs to talk about what to do with the in-camera sections of the report, and if they will ever release those to the public. He says talking about specific city employees and departments publicly has consequences, especially if those discussions don’t lead to any action.

Poloni was at last night’s meeting, despite not being scheduled to be there. He says the city has a duty to be transparent and accountable, but also has a responsibility to city employees. He just because they are paid through public funds as opposed to the private sector, doesn’t mean you can pillory them at will. Poloni says they are not piñatas you can beat, they are employees with their own concerns, and deserve a measure of respect.

Councillor Rick Dubeau, who is the one pushing for a timeline on when sections of the report can be released, calls the whole experience frustrating. He says although the report is complex and is going to take time, some of the issues should be released. Nothing was decided on during last night’s meeting about when to release the report.

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