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More scandal over Lougheed Jr. trial

Tory Finance Critic Vic Fedeli says news that the Ontario Liberal Party paid some of Gerry Lougheed Junior’s legal bills is another growing scandal.  The Wynne Liberals have admitted that before Lougheed was charged with bribery-related offenses, the Party paid some of his bills and expenses.

It’s alleged Lougheed told former Liberal candidate Andrew Olivier that Premier Kathleen Wynne authorized him to offer Olivier an incentive in return for not pursuing the Liberal nomination in Sudbury.  Wynne denied this, but Fedeli says her denial leaves a nagging question.

He wants to know if Lougheed was not acting on behalf of the Premier when talking to Olivier, than why did the Ontario Liberal Party pay any of Lougheed’s legal expenses in the first place before he was charged.  And as a result of this scenario, Fedeli is now wondering if the Liberals are covering up something by paying his expenses.

Fedeli also believes at some point the Premier will have to testify at Lougheed’s trial.  He says Wynne’s testimony will be very revealing.

The Tory finance critic is curious to know if she’ll be on the stand representing voters and trying to get to the truth of the scandal, or if she’ll support Lougheed in some way.

(Written by Rocco Frangione)

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