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EACOM on the line of available wood supply

EACOM Timber has enough lumber to sustain the company, but only just barely. Vice President and Chief Forester Brian Nicks says they have a very close balance between log supply and consumption. He says they have enough wood to feed their mills right now, but any more government policies on supply reductions, or natural disasters, will directly affect production and employment. Nicks says they are pretty much at the line in terms of available wood supply.

He says the industry is very heavy regulated. 90 per cent of the businesses operates on public land, so Nicks says it’s the right thing to do. The three pillars of forest management are social, economic, and environmental. The Crown Forest Sustainability Act is one measure of many to make sure those pillars are respected.

EACOM has four sawmills; Timmins, Ostrom, Elk Lake, and Nairn. More than 400 people are employed through direct jobs, with about 800 other spin-off positions.

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