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Changes to the moose hunting season

The MNR is making some changes to the moose hunting season. The hunting of calves has been limited to two weeks, from October 24th until November 6th. Next year, the entire season will be delayed by a week across the north.

The MNR is sending out notices explaining the difference between adults and calves so they aren’t hunted illegally. Outreach Specialist at the MNR Adriana Pacitto says calves are about 400 lbs and four feet tall at the shoulder, while adults are around six feet tall and up to 1,200 lbs.

She says it’s not hard to tell the difference between a cow and a calf, because of their size difference. If you see a single moose without antlers, check for a moose calf, because they rarely travel alone.

It is illegal to allow game meat that can be food to be spoiled. If you’ve hunted the wrong animal by mistake, report the incident to the ministry. All of the moose hunting dates are online, click here.

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