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HSN scores 98 per cent of patient quality standards

A hospital in Sudbury is getting praise from Accreditation Canada. Health Sciences North is meeting 98 per cent of the patient quality standards it was assessed on. HSN’s Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Joe Pilon, says hospitals should undergo accreditation to have their work evaluated.

He says sometimes you get caught up in the processes that are in place, and even though results are showing good work, someone from the outside can come in with ways to improve. Pilon says having that outside point of view helps the hospital achieve best practice.

He says HSN is going above and beyond what is expected from them. He says they have engaged the front line staff a lot more to advance their processes. He says when the practice improves, the care improves.

But even with their 98 per cent score from Accreditation Canada, Pilon says there is still more the hospital can do. He says they’re doing med-reconciliation with their complex medicine patients who are 65-years and older. Accreditation Canada says that practice is great, but they can start looking at other patients as well, including surgical and cardiology patients.

HSN is looking into expanding their NEO-Kids section of the hospital to service the entire north east with paediatric care. Previous Story: HSN setting sights on improving kids healthcare in the north east.

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