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Dramatic film shot entirely in Timmins has a pre-release screening here Sept. 25

It took a mere eleven minutes on Wednesday to sell out a special screening of a movie shot entirely in this city.

Timmins Film Society chair Paul Charette  says “My Animal” kicks off the group’s season on Monday, September 25th.

The film will be screened at Imagine Cinemas, but only once in one auditorium with about 90 seats.  It will. Howev3er, return for a full run once it’s released in November.

Without giving it away, Charette says “My Animal” is about Heather, who’s a goaltender, falling for Johnny, a figure skater.

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“Heather’s got a deep secret that she’s got to try to control with herself, to control her inner animal, as we would say,” he synopsizes.

And he says the feature film makes no secret of the setting.

“You can see the Sportsplex. There’s a scene where one of the girls is figure skating, and you can clearly tell that it’s the Sportsplex because of the upper deck viewing area. And they filmed all throughout the city.”

Following the local premiere, the director and producer will hold a question-and-answer session at the Timmins Museum for anyone who was at the screening.

Hear more from Paul Charette by clicking on this audio link.

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