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Bourgouin says Smart Serve French tests are ‘lost in translation’

The member of the legislature for Mushkegowuk James Bay says Francophones are having problems completing their Smart Serve certificate.  Guy Bourgouin says the agency the province hired to provide the service failed to translate the test properly into French.

“We went online in French and we failed the test because some of the questions didn’t make sense,” he said. “So it looks like it was translated using Google translate. They couldn’t answer and couldn’t pass the test.”

Those who have failed the test must pay to take it a second time.

Bourgouin says there’s a June 30th deadline for those to renew their certificates. He is waiting to hear from Minister of Francophone Affairs Caroline Mulroney regarding the issue.

“And also to give extensions to the francophones and to not be charged again because every time you fail you have to pay again,” he said. “They are going to verify it. Hopefully they rectify the situation sooner than later.”

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