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Demolition Derby roars back in to I.F.

The sounds of engines and cars crashing into each other get anyone’s heart pumping fast. Your opportunity to experience that comes next Saturday in Iroquois Falls, at the winter carnival demolition derby.

It’s set for 1:00pm, Saturday, March 11th, in the Calvert snow dump, following the drift battle.

For all its destruction, driver safety is the biggest concern. Coordinator Jesse Cybolsky says a car can’t have a windshield, and the gas tank has to be replaced by a marine fuel cell.

“Just to make sure that any time that they’re hit, the gas tank won’t explode and start a fire,” he explains. “There also has to be an engine shutoff switch and we like them to cut a hole in the roof, so that we can put a fire extinguisher in there to put out any fires if we need to.”

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Cybolsky says safety rules for cars and drivers are strict, but simple, as the demolition derby culture develops in these parts.

“A lot of guys run $10-15,000 cars that are welded and have all these custom mods, but we want to keep it easy and simple for the guys just getting into the sport up here.”

All the details from car requirements to entry and admission fees are in the audio of our interview. It should answer any questions you have.

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