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Avoiding having your garbage bins wiped out by a snowplow

Complaints are coming in from both sides of the issue of garbage bins being wiped out by snowplows.

The city’s waste management supervisor, Pat Bélanger, says it’s usually during overnight plowing, while the plow operator is trying to make the street as wide as possible.

“Sometimes they can’t really be avoided when the snowplow is going by and the cans get knocked over,” he ventures. “He’s just trying to make sure the road stays wide enough for it to be safe for everybody to go through.”

Two solutions: Bélanger says put your bins out as close to 7:30 as possible, or keep them curbside just inside your driveway.

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“Now if you don’t have room to back out your vehicle because your driveway’s narrow, it ends up being the resident’s responsibility to clean an area to have their bins curbside.”

You can hear more from Pat Bélanger in this audio link:

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