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Murray tells fellow councillors to trust administration and experts

Timmins city councillors were told to stay in their own lane at this week’s regular meeting. It came from one of their own.

Ward Five councillor Kristin Murray became frustrated with discussion surrounding an administration report on whether to reduce the speed limit on part of Croatia Ave. in Schumacher to 40 km/h. The report says no.

Murray said politicians don’t have the expertise and sometimes don’t extend the opportunity to the experts to do their jobs.

“We have a full report here that was requested and time and time again we sit here and we either criticize the report that was given from people who are very educated in their positions to just do what we want,” she remarked.

“It’s interesting to me,” Coun. Murray continued, “that we spent over the course of the last four years, maybe hours accumulated on a speed limit, going back and forth and back and forth, yet we have homelessness, we have addictions, all these other issues in our community that we don’t spend that much time talking about.”

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