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Plan to open outdoor rink at Mountjoy Arena put on hold

MONDAY UPDATE: The extreme cold over the weekend sped up the process, and the Mountjoy rink is now open.

There’s been a setback to the city opening all of its outdoor rinks on Friday.

It only affects the one outside the Mountjoy Arena. City clerk Steph Palmateer says the ice didn’t bond to the ground, causing air pockets and flexing when any weight is put on it.

“Unfortunately, that’s not safe for continued use,” he states, “so we’re going to have to close that outdoor rink until we can probably remove the ice that’s there and tear it down and then start putting the ice back in.”

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Measures are being taken to make sure the unsafe rink isn’t used.

“We’re either going to go and strip it with a loader or we’re going to put some sand on it so you can’t skate on it just to make sure,” says Palmateer “because we don’t want anyone to get hurt on that surface.”

Appropriate weather willing, Palmateer hopes the rink can open sometime next week.

The rinks at Roy Nicholson Park and the Hollinger skate path will open tomorrow.

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