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Please don’t walk on the ski trails — here’s why

The trails at the Iroquois Falls Cross-Country Ski Club are inviting for a walk.  However, the club is asking walkers to stay off them.

Member and volunteer Jeff Frey says on the tracks set for classic skiers, damage caused by walkers can make the skis pop out, presenting a potential injury.

Even to the side of the tracks, walking leaves deep footprints.

“As you’re skiing, you’re planting your ski pole beside you and it’s very easy to plant one of those ski poles right into a deep pocket,” Frey points out. “So that could easily send you off balance and cause an injury there, too.”

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It’s a bit different, but still dangerous, on the flat skate-skiing surface with no tracks.

“It’s very easy for skiers to get tripped up as they’re skate-skiing if there footprints and things like that in there as well,” says Frey.

You can walk on the snowshoe trails, but it’s not as easy because the snow is generally deep and not packed down.

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