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TPS cracking down on truck route violations

Since this year’s connecting link construction wrapped up three weeks ago, Timmins Police have been hearing a lot of complaints about large trucks not obeying truck route restrictions.

“Tractor trailers, your log trucks, your ore trucks, all of these fit the description,” says communications coordinator Marc Depatie.

Among the restrictions is using the curb lane only.

“They are allowed to use the centermost lane to complete a left turn or perhaps a wide angle right turn, or if they’re directed by a police officer,” Depatie explains. “But otherwise, commercial motor vehicles navigating through Timmins must remain in the curb lane.”

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“If the commercial motor vehicles obey this restriction, then other traffic can navigate through Timmins with greater ease, and there is a safety aspect as well.”

Depatie adds that enforcement of the municipal truck  route and other rules of the road are the stepped-up focus of traffic officers and regular platoon patrols.

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