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TPS advises emergency kit in your car

Now that winter has set in, Timmins Police communications coordinator Marc Depatie is advising us to have emergency travel kits in our cars.

There are a lot of trees, rocks and beautiful scenery, but not much else along Highways 655 and 144, for example.  You never know when your vehicle can become disabled.

“We strongly urge the use of a fully charged cell phone, a first aid kid, a blanket, a ‘call police’ sign,” Depatie outlines.

Another important item is a candle.

“A candle provides obviously light, but a tremendous amount of heat in a rather confined area. An emergency candle is an absolute godsend in those situations.”

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If your engine is still running, leave a window open at least a crack, to prevent the build-up of deadly carbon monoxide gas inside the car.

A full tank of gas when you set out is also recommended.  Depatie says to always be prepared for the unexpected.

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