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Timmins history: The benevolent generosity of Frederick W. Schumacher

Wrapping up our local history series on the benevolence of Frederick W. Schumacher, we move on from the Christmas gifts his foundation still gives to this day.

Museum director-curator Karen Bachmann says whenever there was a need in his namesake community, Schumacher fulfilled it.  For example, he bought school band equipment and maintained playground equipment for many years.

“Trinity United Church got an organ from him, plus all the stained glass windows that are still in that – now it’s a home – but that are still there,” says Bachmann.

All that and more, while he didn’t even live in Schumacher. He lived in Columbus, Ohio. But he visited frequently, acting as Santa for those gifts some years.

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And as a pharmacist, he was a handy guy to have around when alcohol was still banned in the area.

“But if you went to see Mr. Schumacher, who at the time was in the camp and lived her for a little while, you could get Perun,” Bachmann says.” Peruna had a little bit of a kick to it, so you could always get a prescription for that.”

At 18% alcohol., Bachmann says it was intended for whatever ails you.

Frederick W. Schumacher portrait painted by Kenneth Forbes. (Timmins Museum: National Exhibition Centre)
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