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Weather causes late night power outage

If you turned in before ten o’clock last night and then slept in because your clock radio didn’t work, you’re in pretty exclusive company.

Hydro One spokesperson Alicia Sayers says only a handful of customers were affected by the power going off.

“Yesterday around 10pm, approximately 70 customers in the area experienced an outage until about 10:45pm,” she reports, “and that was due to weather moving through the area.”

Then this morning between about 6:40 and 9:00, fewer than ten customers were affected by an outage. It’s blamed on equipment failure.  And Sayers says there’s one more.

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“Early this morning at approximately 7:00am, until about 7:45 am, about 40 customers experienced an outage and that was due to animal contact.”

Sayers says Hydro One’s priority when there is an unplanned power interruption is to get it back on as quickly and safely as possible.


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