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Ward 5 councillor urges neighbourly respect before sparks fly in your backyard

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Ward 5 Timmins councillor Andrew Marks is out to reduce the tension between neighbours over backyard fires.

“First off, you need a fire permit,” he states.

The Service Timmins website has a list of rules. Marks says it’s a matter of respecting your neighbours.

“Some of our properties are very close. If you’re within a very close, confined space, the smoke in the party you’re having is going to affect the person right beside you. They’re going to be dealing with your party and your smoke.”

“Once the fire department is contacted and a complaint is issued, then it’s up to the fire department to spend time and resources to go and possibly revoke permits,” the councillor adds, noting that his constituents in Ward 5 have already voiced a lot of complaints to him.


  • Fire permit required
  • Must be in Timmins Fire Dept.-approved device, not on ground with stones around it
  • Device must be at least 10 ft. from adjacent properties in all directions
  • Device must be no bigger than 2 ft. x 2ft.
  • Must have screen to prevent flying sparks
  • Firefighting equipment must be available
  • Never leave a fire unattended
  • Burning not permitted when wind speed exceeds 15 km/hr
  • Burn only clean wood
  • Burn only between 7:00pm and midnight

-Source: Coun. Andrew Marks



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