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COR candidate wonders where her signs are

UPDATE, Tues., May 31, 2:30pm:  The signs in question were not stolen.  They were removed by the city.  Here is the statement issued by City Hall:

Election signs promoting the local candidate for the Ontario Provincial Confederations of Regions Party were removed by City of Timmins Enforcement Services for failure to register and provide the required deposit with the City of Timmins. Election signs used to promote candidates or parties in federal, provincial or municipal elections are subject to rules outlined by the Canada Elections Act and/or Elections Ontario and the local municipality. In Timmins, By-law 2012-7223 regulates signs and other advertising devices within the City of Timmins, including election signs.

Before a candidate can erect, locate, or display an election sign on City property, they are required to register with the City of Timmins and provide a deposit of $200. The by-law ensures the timing of display and proper placement of election signage. Furthermore, City Enforcement Services can remove any election sign not in compliance with By-law 2012-7223 without notice.

The Confederation of Regions Party candidate for Timmins in Thursday’s election was dismayed on Sunday, to find all of her campaign signs missing. Nadia Sadiq can only assume that all 50 were stolen.

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She says it’s in contrast to a very positive acceptance of herself and her party’s agenda, when she’s talking to voters.

“It’s just unbelievable that somebody would go and do that. It’s a very malicious act on that person’s behalf, on whoever did it,” she remarks.

Sadiq has reported it to Timmins Police. She’s hoping security cameras near where her signs were posted caught someone in the act.

“If somebody doesn’t like something that I’m saying to people in Timmins,” she adds, “then this is absolutely not the way to discourage others.”

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