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Poilièvre fires up the troops at a leadership campaign stop in Timmins

At a meet-and-greet with party faithful in Timmins on Saturday, Pierre Poilièvre didn’t mention that he’s running for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.  He did say, however, that he’s running to be Prime Minister.

The Ottawa area MP told a large crowd at the McIntyre Ballroom how he would reduce government spending and cancel what he calls “corporate welfare programs”, to save billions of dollars.

“And I just found another billion dollars to save. I’m going to defund the CBC,” he said to a loud, boisterous standing ovation.

Poilièvre called that the most enjoyable billion dollars he’ll ever save.

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He pledged that if he heads the next government, he will force politicians to live the way families do, by passing a “pay as you go” law.

“For every new dollar of government spending that politicians implement,” Poilièvre explained, “they have to find a dollar of savings to pay for it, rather than passing it on.”

On the recent truckers protest, Poilièvre called participants heroes he was proud to stand and fight for; and he said as Prime Minister, he would invoke an immediate, permanent end to vaccine mandates and vaccine passports.

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