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‘Have your guard up’ about the latest phishing scam, says TPS

You could almost forgive yourself for falling victim to the latest telephone-based phishing scam, in which the perpetrators are after your bank account and personal information.

Timmins Police communications coordinator Marc Depatie says the number that comes up on your caller ID looks like a Timmins number.  Don’t be deceived.

“It is in fact a robocall,” he emphasizes. “There’s some boiler room somewhere where they’re engaged in this type of activity and they hold themselves out to be officials from your bank, pointing out suspicious purchases on your credit card.”

If you tap one of the links, it gets your banking information and other personal ID, like your social insurance number.

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“When that happens, when you are solicited blindly, you have to have your guard up and be naturally suspicious,” Depatie advises, “because odds are it is something illicit and untowards.”

Depatie is aiming his advice mostly at seniors, who are frequent targets of such scams.



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