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Load restriction coming to some roads

With spring and warmer sunshine comes lots of water on the road,  potholes, and a load restriction on some roads.

City of Timmins public works director Ken Krcel says a weight limit per axle for large trucks on can be implemented as early as March 1st.  But not this year, because of all the snow and cold weather. The limit is on mostly rural roads.

“They don’t have as well an engineered base supporting the road and the water and the frost actually coming out will reduce the integrity of the road,” he explains.

The restriction applies mostly to the lumber industry, but others, too.

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“We use data from the MTO’s road weather information system that has ground sensing probes that tell us what the temperature of the road is beneath the surface,” Krcel says.

Krcel says those readings are taken on Highway 144 at 101.  Once in place, the restriction remains until June 15th.

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