No collisions to report, however:

  • As of January 11th, DAYTIME Snow Removal will be taking effect at 7:30AM at the following:
    • Timmins West: Bonaventure-Shirley to Majestic, Meadow-All, Castlewood-All, Pleasant-All, Majestic-Bonaventure to McBride, Diamond Court-All
    • Porcupine: Bristol: HWY 101 to Rekela, Henry south: all, Ruth South: all, Rekela south: all, Florence south: HWY 101 to Bristol
  • As of January 11th, OVERNIGHT Snow Removal will be taking effect at 9:00PM at the following:
    • Timmins SouthMountjoy South


  • If you see a collision, a road closure, have an update, or anything else, please call or text 93.1 Moose FM at 705-264-9310