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Winter rules take effect in your Timmins neighbourhood next Monday

Ready or not, November arrives next Monday, and seasonal bylaws surrounding snow take effect in Timmins.

City clerk Steph Palmateer says one of them is the overnight parking ban on most city streets.  It allows safer, more efficient snow removal.

Park on the street, and you could pay a $50.00 fine, your car could be towed, and you’re stuck with other related expenses.

“The cost of towing, the impound fees if they’re impounded by the towing company, yes, they’re the responsibility of the vehicle owner,” Palmateer outlines.

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You could also be fined for shovelling snow from your driveway onto the travelled portion of your street or a city sidewalk.


You can’t just put up a temporary car shelter in your yard in Timmins. Palmateer says there’s a $15.00 fee, and you have to have your site plan approved.

“They have to be placed in a manner so that the snow that comes off the top of them, it doesn’t go into your neighbour’s yard,” Palmateer says. “They also can’t be placed where they’re going to impede with snow removal, either the sidewalk clearing or snow clearing on the street.”

Neither can your shelter obstruct the views of drivers on the street.  You can set it up anytime after October 1st, and have to take it down by April 30th.

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