The Ring of Fire is becoming a provincial necessity and not just a Northern one.

The Ring of Fire could generate up to 9.4 billion dollars in new economic activity in the first 10 years as well as $2 billion for all levels of government in the first 10 years of development.

The project would also create 5500 jobs annually.

This is according to a new report distributed by the Timmins Chamber that also suggest by 2047 it could generate $25 billions across several sectors.

Meanwhile, Mining Minister Mike Mantha is concerned with a previous announcement.

He says the Liberal’s are hiding behind old news to cover up the mismanagement of the Ring of Fire.

Mantha says that last Friday it was announced that the ministry hired Deloitte, a contusing firm, to set up a development corporation. The same corporation that was announced three months ago he says.

Mantha is concerned the development corporation is way to cover up a lack of action on the mine.